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TwobottleKITwebAfter searching for the past 2-3 years and trialing various products on the market, Damp Solutions is proud to announce the product the stood out from the rest and has approvals for safe use around the home  as long as your arm,  it works on all types of mould and fungus and kills the spores… see details below  or Click on our link to website> Spray Away Read the rest of this entry

Dr. Bircher Benner, a leading Swiss nutritionist was the first to develop the recipe for Muesli and this was based on raw oats, fresh fruit, nuts and milk.  An old time nerve tonic was based on raw oats, and Dr. Benner designed the recipe to restore the health of elderly patients in the best way possible – with good nutrition and a pleasant mountain air environment.  Most modern day Muesli imitations are very acid forming due to poor combinations of refined and heat affected mixed grains, also these granola cereals that claim to have heaps of goodness in them, are just a con, due to the extra fat and sugar added to the grains.  I have already given you a wonderful Muesli recipe in a previous post, the purpose of this post is to inspire you to use Oats more in your every day diet. Read the rest of this entry