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House keeping part two.

Okay, so we have worked it out that the tools for cleaning up our bodies are good food, water and lifestyle!  Then there are the products and supplements on the side that support us during the times we need it.  Supplements like Klenz and B12 Isotonic as mentioned previously.  There are some other wonderful tonics and supplements you can use to bring more certainty to your heath regime.

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The True Cost of Eating Animals

I expect the people who believe that eating animal protein (chicken, sausages, steak, lamb chops etc.,) will keep them healthy,  increase their life span and make them wise, strong and beautiful, also believe in the ‘Easter bunny’ and ‘Father Christmas’.

At this point some of you will stop reading this article.  I’m prepared for that, but could I please ask that you read a little more before you shut off.  I am not an animal activist, I couldn’t call myself that at all, but I am an animal lover.   I can bring up some serious truths that need to be considered and I’ve already done this within my books, especially in my book Two Weeks To Better Health.  In this book I go into the whole concept of what it is to embrace a vegetarian diet, and why it is so beneficial not just for the body, but for the planet.  But here is a little more for you to consider….. Read the rest of this entry

FATS & OILS – EFA Seed cake…

Essential fatty acids are vital for mental health and they help every aspect of the bodies ability to function.  Fats and oils – there is so much confusion about fats, over the last few years; new research has revealed the crucial role that fats in your diet play in your susceptibility to disease.  The metabolism of fats and oils is a complex area and studies have generated misinformation and controversy.  For years we were advised to eat margarine rather than butter and now it seems that margarine may be linked to cancer because of the types of fat that it contains. Read the rest of this entry

House keeping! Part one:

Your first house is your own body, and you have an opportunity to clean it up every day, but do you know how to do this?

Stop right now, before you read on, go and get yourself a glass of water.  Then come back and continue reading…Okay, you are back!  So house keeping starts with making sure that you have the right tools.  Just like when you are cleaning the house you live and sleep in, you need some brooms, a mop, a cleaning solution, and in our case that is a natural solution – check out  and you will see the Cleaning kits that Darryl has available. Read the rest of this entry