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Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

Okay, this is not my favourite cake, but my friends love it, so I figure, why not create this one for them.  This is a simple recipe which can be varied to suit taste.  For a completely vegan version, use Stevia instead of honey and egg replacer (Orgran) instead of eggs.  You may need to adjust the liquid accordingly for the best result.


Chocolate cake

Here’s what you are going to need to create this one.

3 cups Gluten Free SR. Flour – sifted

2 eggs,

1/2 cup cocoa or carob powder

1/2 cup honey

1 cup raisins, soaked in warm water for 1/2 an hour, (water should just cover the raisins… Add to the mix water and all).

1/2 cup olive oil or coconut oil

Combine all ingredients and mix well.   Add a little water if needed.

Mix well and pour batter into a prepared and oiled cake tin.  Bake in the oven for around 35 minutes. 18OoC.  Slice when cooled.  Serve with no icing, just a sprinkle of chocolate flakes and with sliced fresh strawberries. Note: You can use currants instead of raisins, and/or dates.



What hasn’t been said about WATER?

Just as the question poses, ‘what hasn’t been said about water?’ I think to myself, not much!  However, water is still the subject of so many health articles.  How will my article be different?  Let’s start by telling you a little story……. Read the rest of this entry

Quinoa Grain – Benefits

At one time or another you are going to be experimenting with Quinoa Grains, so it’s timely that I give you a little insight into this amazing food source of protein,


dietary fiber which is wheat and gluten free.

Quinoa is grown at altitudes between 10,000 and 20,000 feet above sea level.  Quinoa, the ancient grain of the Andes helped sustain the mighty Incan civilization.  Quinoa, known as “the mother grain”, is rich in protein, high in fibre, and this delicious, nutty nutritious seed is a wonderful alternative to rice and other grains.

You will find when you look through my What A loft Of Waffle book, that you can replace rice with Quinoa very easily.  Just try it.

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