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Guiding Light or Extinguishing the Flame?

Annie and New Book

3 Questions Before You Eat!


Guiding Light or Extinguishing the Flame?

Working alongside clients can be very rewarding and very challenging at the same time.  Recently I took on some very close friends, for a healthy home stay experience.  Close friends are even more challenging, because they are close and know me more.  I tend not to be as polite.  I just want them to ‘GET IT!’  So I go in with a little ‘tough love’.  Read the rest of this entry

Sugar and Aging, What Can You Do About It?

The new ‘Revised’ Poo In You book

Here is a really important warning about the dangers of sugar, along with an update  on the effects sugar has on your personality, and your self esteem. It’s been long agreed that excess carbohydrates throw off the body’s homeostasis (natural self-balance).  It’s also worth noting that ‘sugar’ is represented by many common foods, including bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, corn, cereals, pancakes and alcoholic drinks.  Corn syrup and fructose are also common sugars.

We are all aging as we wake up to each new day, but our aging can be graceful and kinder by being mindful of the amount of sugar that creeps into every bite of food we enjoy.  Once again, it takes a little awareness.

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Awareness and Eating


In the last few years I have been speaking publicly and directly to people about their state of mind when they are eating!  I have created a talk entitled ‘The Body Factory’, where I take the owner of their body/factory into the inner workings of their marvellous machine and introduce them to the employees of the body.  I’d like to share a little of that talk with you here.  Read the rest of this entry