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Bergamot For Depression And Uplifting

Bergamot essential oil  is pressed from the rind or peel from the Botanical family – Rutaceae (citrus). Basically it looks like an unripe orange.   Green as green.   I was happy to see that aside from being an analgestic, antibacterial source, Bergamot is also helpful for infections, inflammation, spasms,  and digestive issues.  It’s neuro-protective, sedative and uplifting.  For the uplifting aspect of it, you can certainly use more Bergamot for depression and here’s why…..


Helps to calm and destress the body and helps with depression

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The Issue Of Malabsorption

I see clients every day, I scan their bodies with NES, I look at their eyes with Iridology and I examine the many supplements and medications that they bring in with them to see me, and I can tell you sincerely that hundreds of dollars spent on vitamins, supplements and prescription drugs, can be a terrible waste of money unless you have your absorption under control.  Getting that right, that single yet profound element, can be the difference between feeling Fantastic or suffering needlessly.

An inability to absorb nutrients from food or beverages, also known as malabsorption, can lead to serious nutritional deficiencies. Additionally, nutrient-absorption problems that are caused by a medical condition can lead to a worsening of symptoms and delays in healing. Your body requires nutrients to repair and replace cells and tissues, as well as fight off viruses and bacteria that can cause inflammation and infection. Several different conditions and medications can result in you not absorbing nutrients. Read the rest of this entry

Parasites – The Issues and the Cures

An increasing number of people have contacted me in relation to ‘Parasite infestations’ and so its timely to give some information that will save the day or at least enlighten you on what Parasites are about and how you can deal with them.

parasites ohhh ohhh

I have been carrying out Iridology sessions – consultations for 20 something years.  This has given me a front row seat to seeing Parasites in the body, through the eyes.  I can tell if you have them, and I can teach you how to find them and get rid of your uninvited house guests.  There is a lot of detail in the iris of the eyes, and one sure fire sign is what we Iridologists call – Radii Solaris… Bike spokes.  When they are dark lines that are thick that protrude from the pupil into the ‘colour portion of the eye’, that’s the sign that parasites are certainly living in you.  There are a few other tell tail signs, but that will do for now.  The physical symptoms are something else.

The wide ranging symptoms include itching (ears, nose, anus), gas and bloating, loss of appetite, eating more than normal but still feeling hungry, blurry vision, muscular pain, lethargy, diarrhoea, constipation, indigestion, rashes, hives, allergies, mental confusion and so on. Read the rest of this entry

Craving Something Sweet?

Raw Cacao & Banana whip

I was just craving something sweet today, which got me thinking about how that happens.  Sweet cravings are generally more likely to happen when you have not eaten much at breakfast and have been running around doing all sorts of things, and suddenly the time is flying by and it’s 2.00pm and you still haven’t eaten anything.  This was the case for me.  I knew what was happening so I went into plan A, which was to get home as quickly as possible and make something that would satisfy the sweet tooth, but feed the brain as well. Read the rest of this entry

Hangovers & Cures – part two

I’d love to get something very clear right from the start, I don’t drink alcohol!  I’m still heaps of fun at parties, and I enjoy being with most people socially regardless of their tendency to drink or not.  Having said that I don’t have a problem with other people drinking, it’s  your body!

Where I do have a problem is when ‘you’ force your belief that alcohol is okay on to young people who are just starting to form opinions about everything.  I have a problem with that.  My son has grown up in a household that doesn’t serve alcohol.  So he doesn’t have the consciousness, where ones celebrates something with alcohol.  We celebrate with a carrot juice, water or fruit drinks.  So when I share a hangover cure with you, I do it with some trepidation, with a sense of ‘Good grief’, why do I even bother?  Well, I know why I bother, it’s because I have faith that eventually your chemistry will take over and you will enjoy the feeling of the ‘natural high’.  Good food, good healthy beverages will be enough.  Until then, you will need a hangover cure! Read the rest of this entry

Alcohol & Hangovers part one.

The Hangover

There are all sorts of ‘hangovers’ that one can experience.  These hangovers occur as a result of living beyond your bodies capacity, trashing your brain cells and taking in substances that don’t give one temporary joy with after-affects that are certainly anything but joyful!  I’m going to start with Alcohol, since this one is the most common problem for most people and creates a nasty hangover when one has over-indulged. Read the rest of this entry