The Power In The Pause.

Paul and Darryl enjoying Banana Cacao Whip

Paul and Darryl enjoying Banana Cacao Whip

Have you ever given yourself a hard time, because you said something to someone too soon, that maybe you could have avoided saying, which would have meant less pain for all concerned?

Have you ever acted a little too quickly or impulsively which caused you more issues and mistakes?

Have you ever eaten something that was just ‘wrong’, and didn’t agree with you, but you were rushing through a meal and lost your awareness?  (check out my article on 3 Questions to ask yourself before you eat).

I have!  I did all the above things, all because I didn’t pause.  I didn’t stop and just think a little more, instead I rushed in, and, consequently, things didn’t turn out too good. Read the rest of this entry