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3 Questions Before You Eat!

So you are about to eat something, besides the obvious question, which is ‘am I hungry?‘, there are 3 questions you need to ask yourself about the food you are eating before you eat it!  Why? because generally the human race has lost touch with what food is for and I’m guessing that you reading this now, may also have lost touch!  You may not, you may be completely on top of your food elements, however if you are out of touch, you are going to find this interesting.  Understanding and implemting the answers to these 3 questions may give you extra quality healthy years to your life.

The first question to ask is….‘Will this food ‘nourish’ me?”  Or another way to put that is; ‘will this food actually give me something of value?  You want to feel great after eating your food, not tired and worn out!

You want to be sure that the food will be absorbed into the blood stream, after the journey into the small intestine,  that nutrients are nourishing the rest of your body.  So the first question is Will this food nourish me, and if you can’t answer YES to that, then why are you eating this food?

The second question you ask yourself is, ‘will this food balance my body?’  Food that balances the body is nutrient dense food, like salads, with seeds and nuts sprinkled throughout.  Balanced food is free of chemicals, and able to be absorbed into the body and this assimilation takes place with out casualties.  This isn’t necessarily the food that your average ‘nutritionalist’ will recommend.  They are still aligned with the old ‘meat and 3 veg’ mentality.  They still suggest that you will get the calcium you need from a glass and a half of milk.   Oh please!

Balanced food is food with information, and informative food is fresh greens, carrot juices, all salads, fresh fruit, raw nuts, seeds and vegetables.  Balanced food creates a ripple effect that leaves you feeling refreshed and energetic.  You are proud of yourself after eating a salad because you know it will be balancing your pH.  Acid foods are over-cooked, nutrient deficient foods like; tin foods, re-heated meals, roasted meats, all meats, poultry, animal fats and proteins.  Alkaline foods are fresh salads, fruit, vegetables, almonds (soaked), and herbs and herbal teas.  The balance of Acid and Alkaline is simple if you know the chemistry of your foods… To know this you must go back to basics.  My book Two Weeks To Better Health goes through all the food classifications, and brings you up to speed with each classification so you are empowered to make the right choices.  You can get this book from   and you will notice there is another book of relevance in the book section of ‘bewell’ and that is THE POO IN YOU.  Check them both out…..

Okay, the 3rd question and by no means the least important question is….‘Will this food cleanse me?’, or in other words, ‘Will this food clean up after itself?  I’m still trying to work out how a hamburger cleans up after itself.  Quite simply, it doesn’t! For starters the meat will be in the gut for a few days at least, the tomato slices will be rotting, along with the other ingredients, and the pancreas would have put all its insulin into work, thereby leaving the organ vulnerable and empty for the next sweet hit, only to have the meal washed down (more than likely) with a soft drink or malted milk.  So this is not a cleansing meal.  A cleansing meal is more along the lines of once again ‘salad’.  Salad with cucumber, greens like sorrel, broccoli, snow peas, even iceberg lettuce is better than nothing.  A salad that is full of life, with sprouts, and grated carrot, zucchini, beetroot, and dressed with an avocado dressing.  A salad is not hard to make and it has inbuilt cleaners that come in and help with the assimilation, and then get out quickly to tackle the next meal… The food you eat should come with it’s own cleaning company, and this company of helpers should be energised to get in and help with the waste removal.

You will learn a lot more about ‘waste removal’ in my new and revised THE POO IN YOU.  For any more information about ‘nourishing, balancing and cleansing’ go to my other blog and information site .  To order books go to   Thank you for reading this.

Happy eating.   Annie Clark.  0402 166 187


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