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Wild About Wild Orange

orangesComplete Vit CThe first time I smelt Wild Orange, I was walking into the market at Noosa Harbour, pushing a trolley with all my product piled on top.  The aroma was  intoxicating and delightful.  I knew that it was affecting me on a base level, and now that I have learned more about Wild Orange (Doterra), I know why.  There’s something about Wild Orange that affects one on an emotional level, you just can’t be miserable when you are smelling it!  Another part of me was resisting the smell because I knew, I just knew that I would be swept into another world of discovery perhaps even some change and a different perspective.  A corridor in my mind had been re-visited, a door opened, all because of a ‘scent!’  Now what does that mean for you reading this?  Read on….. Read the rest of this entry

TwobottleKITwebAfter searching for the past 2-3 years and trialing various products on the market, Damp Solutions is proud to announce the product the stood out from the rest and has approvals for safe use around the home  as long as your arm,  it works on all types of mould and fungus and kills the spores… see details below  or Click on our link to website> Spray Away Read the rest of this entry