Doing an enema for relief
Enemas for Instant Relief.

Ah yes, the possibilities of enemas.  I think I can almost feel you squirming through the invisible waves coming off my computer.  Don’t worry I wont get too detailed, but perhaps just enough for you to understand the many benefits of doing enemas, and how easy it can be to carry out and why you should consider enemas for health and vitality.

Over Christmas I got a bit of a sniffle.  I couldn’t shake it, perhaps my own immune system was a little vulnerable and down, as the grasses around our property seemed to set me off on a sneezing fit.  Then I actually got a kind of cold.  Confined only to the head area.  After filling about 4 large handkerchiefs with a runny nose, I decided to give myself an enema, with the result of instant relief.


You can benefit from enemas if you’ve ever eaten junk food, fatty food, sweets, caffeine, soft drinks, alcohol, chemically treated and preserved foods, processed food and if you have had a stressful lifestyle and emotional issues or upsets which can all contribute to feeling tired, listless, low in energy, bloating and constipation.  This is common with most people, so a simple enema, can give you relief within 30 minutes.

When I carried out my enema 2 days in a row over Christmas, I noticed that my skin was glowing afterwards, and I felt lighter and fresher all over.  Makes sense, as when you do an enema you are inserting a tube which is attached to a bag (with approximately 1 litre of purified water and 1 tablespoon of liquid bentonite) into the anal passage and flushing purified water through the last part of the large bowel, and helping to dislodge impacted fecal matter that hasn’t been eliminated yet, because of stress or dehydration, toxins in the food etc.

Once you have got over the mental anguish of inserting something into your anal passage, the rest is quite simple.  It is possible to become an enema junkie, so take it easy, and just allow a few days break from doing enemas if you are going through a cleansing process.  What I mean by that is if you have done an enema 2 days in a row, have a break for 2 days, then continue on if necessary.

If you are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or colitis, crohns, or toxic megacolon, the enema is safe for you to do, but you will need some more advice and supervision.  It’s important to know that there is someone near by or available on the phone who can guide you through the process.  I’m more than happy to do this for you, but you must call me first to arrange a time for a phone consultation first.  Phone 0402 166 187.

If you want more information about enemas and colon cleansing, colonics and retreats, check out the new updated THE POO IN YOU which will be available in late February 2012.  Check out  for more information.   Phone Annie Clark 0402 166 187 to make an appointment to learn about your bowel and all things ‘gut’.  Also note we will be presenting on THE BODY Factory at the next ART OF WELLNESS event.   HAPPY NEW YEAR… X Annie Clark

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