Squirrel Massager

The Squirrel Massager – ‘SM’, is a massaging tool that you can use on yourself without being a qualified massage therapist.  Having said that a lot of professional practitioners use this device in their clinics as an addition to the manual application of using their hands or other devices.

oh what a wonderful health tool the SM is, with the added advantage that you can use it on yourself, without any trouble.  Well, you might want to make sure you have a little bit of room around you, and of course someone can give you a massage using the SM, however, knowing that you can use this device as a self help tool is a real bonus especially if you have been working out in the garden, and finish up feeling a bit sore and sorry.  Such a practical solution to be able to reach for your own device and use it straight away. Read the rest of this entry

Love Your Liver!

You have to love your liver, it works so hard for you.  Our livers are amazing.  Gosh without them we could not digest food, absorb nutrients or dispose of toxic substances from our bodies.  So protecting it does much to contribute to our overall health and wellbeing.
As the liver is the major organ for processing nutrients, metabolites, pollutants and excess hormones, it is essentially a ‘waste disposal’ unit for our bodies, all aspects of our health rely on the proper functioning of our liver.
The liver cleans the body’s blood supply of toxic substances by chemically processing them so they can be excreted from our systems.  It is also responsible for carbohydrate and protein metabolism as well as the blood lipo porteins (LDL and HDL) which regulate cholesterol, plus clotting factors and other substances crucial to proper blood functions.   Do you want to know how to love it?   Read the rest of this entry

Dr. Bircher Benner, a leading Swiss nutritionist was the first to develop the recipe for Muesli and this was based on raw oats, fresh fruit, nuts and milk.  An old time nerve tonic was based on raw oats, and Dr. Benner designed the recipe to restore the health of elderly patients in the best way possible – with good nutrition and a pleasant mountain air environment.  Most modern day Muesli imitations are very acid forming due to poor combinations of refined and heat affected mixed grains, also these granola cereals that claim to have heaps of goodness in them, are just a con, due to the extra fat and sugar added to the grains.  I have already given you a wonderful Muesli recipe in a previous post, the purpose of this post is to inspire you to use Oats more in your every day diet. Read the rest of this entry

Going Bananas!

Recently a friend emailed me and asked me for some recipes using bananas, as she had an abundance of them. I referred her to my book ‘MUFFIN MANIA’, as I have some good recipes in this book.  But, this request also prompted me to share some the recipes and benefits of the humble banana with all my new friends on my blog!

The banana is not only one of the oldest fruits known to mankind, Read the rest of this entry