The Anxiety Tetanic Iris Constitution.

Anxiety Tetanic

Anxiety Tetanic Constitution

I’ve been asked several times to share about Iridology and the connection the colours, marks and lines that show up in the eyes, have with our over-all health and wellness.  I am happy to share a few of the constitutions with you now, beginning with my favourite and probably most common Iris Constitution the ‘Anxiety Tetanic’ otherwise known by myself and my husband as the ‘Anxious Titanic’! Read the rest of this entry

FATS & OILS – EFA Seed cake…

Essential fatty acids are vital for mental health and they help every aspect of the bodies ability to function.  Fats and oils – there is so much confusion about fats, over the last few years; new research has revealed the crucial role that fats in your diet play in your susceptibility to disease.  The metabolism of fats and oils is a complex area and studies have generated misinformation and controversy.  For years we were advised to eat margarine rather than butter and now it seems that margarine may be linked to cancer because of the types of fat that it contains. Read the rest of this entry

Squirrel Massager

The Squirrel Massager – ‘SM’, is a massaging tool that you can use on yourself without being a qualified massage therapist.  Having said that a lot of professional practitioners use this device in their clinics as an addition to the manual application of using their hands or other devices.

oh what a wonderful health tool the SM is, with the added advantage that you can use it on yourself, without any trouble.  Well, you might want to make sure you have a little bit of room around you, and of course someone can give you a massage using the SM, however, knowing that you can use this device as a self help tool is a real bonus especially if you have been working out in the garden, and finish up feeling a bit sore and sorry.  Such a practical solution to be able to reach for your own device and use it straight away. Read the rest of this entry

Habits and Change

The weight that you carry right now is a culmination of habits (good and bad) and lifestyle choices.  Some of you reading this will only need to make minor changes to get back on track to health and wellbeing, while others will need to make life changing major changes.  The good news is, change is inevitable, it’s part of life and the bad news, well, there’s no bad news really, just different news. Read the rest of this entry