House keeping part two.

Okay, so we have worked it out that the tools for cleaning up our bodies are good food, water and lifestyle!  Then there are the products and supplements on the side that support us during the times we need it.  Supplements like Klenz and B12 Isotonic as mentioned previously.  There are some other wonderful tonics and supplements you can use to bring more certainty to your heath regime.

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FATS & OILS – EFA Seed cake…

Essential fatty acids are vital for mental health and they help every aspect of the bodies ability to function.  Fats and oils – there is so much confusion about fats, over the last few years; new research has revealed the crucial role that fats in your diet play in your susceptibility to disease.  The metabolism of fats and oils is a complex area and studies have generated misinformation and controversy.  For years we were advised to eat margarine rather than butter and now it seems that margarine may be linked to cancer because of the types of fat that it contains. Read the rest of this entry

Before I get onto these amazing seeds (which is what this blog is about), I’d like to first talk about plastics, because plastics are the biggest culprit of all containing a lot of hidden estrogens. And unfortunately plastic is everywhere and we use so much of it everyday. It may surprise you that all plastic contains estrogens. And the more flexible the plastic the more estrogen it contains.

The best advice I can give you is to store your food in glass containers, use a glass drinking bottle, and never ever heat your food in a plastic container. The humble flexible plastic bag contains a lot of estrogens, so be careful about storing nuts and seeds in plastic bags. And if you think the estrogens cannot get into your food or liquid, think again because they can. Read the rest of this entry