The stomach

Okay, so where were we?  Oh yes, we were on the journey from mouth to anus, and I was just getting to the good bits.  The Esophagus is the express way down to the stomach, and after all the action has happened in the mouth, and provided the teeth have done their job and enzymes have kicked in, you have food being squeezed down the esophagus, like tooth paste being squeezed out of the tube.  There is a whole lot of muscular activity going on, and the bolus (food particles) are being directed down to the stomach where things are heating up. Read the rest of this entry

Going In!

The Art Of Eating!

You probably haven’t thought of your digestive process as a factory or a business site, however, when you break it down there really is quite a lot of work going on internally, for you, when you make a decision to eat something.

Food is fuel for the body, and food needs to be broken down by the digestive system to be used by the cells.  Cells need the molecule size morsals, known as nutrients for energy, growth and repair.  That’s basically why we need to eat.  But as you will find out a whole lot of other elements come into play……


The first part of your digestive process starts in the brain!  Yes that’s right, you have made a decision to eat something and the process starts in the brain, where in some cases their can be an emotional tug of war going on, depending on your beliefs.  Emotional Molecules are just as real as protein molecules or calcium molecules.  For example.,  your decision to eat bacon and eggs has evolved over time, because you have associated bacon and eggs as a delicious breakfast that fills you up and you may have read somewhere that there is protein in the eggs and bacon, and ‘real men and women’ eat bacon.  Your father ate bacon, your fathers father ate bacon and they were strong and wise, so you are going to eat bacon for the same reason.  There is emotion and memory and connectedness with this food. Read the rest of this entry

Updated The Poo In You Book

The new ‘Revised’ Poo In You book

The new Poo In You book is here.  So what you say?  Well, I know you have probably been bombarded with heaps of information about colon cleansing in the Internet, but have you really been bombarded?  Have you really got it? Are people getting the message, that unless you clean out your colon, and get the waste and rubbish out, you are not facing up to what it is to be healthy. Read the rest of this entry

Enemas for Instant Relief!

Doing an enema for relief
Enemas for Instant Relief.

Ah yes, the possibilities of enemas.  I think I can almost feel you squirming through the invisible waves coming off my computer.  Don’t worry I wont get too detailed, but perhaps just enough for you to understand the many benefits of doing enemas, and how easy it can be to carry out and why you should consider enemas for health and vitality.

Over Christmas I got a bit of a sniffle.  I couldn’t shake it, perhaps my own immune system was a little vulnerable and down, as the grasses around our property seemed to set me off on a sneezing fit.  Then I actually got a kind of cold.  Confined only to the head area.  After filling about 4 large handkerchiefs with a runny nose, I decided to give myself an enema, with the result of instant relief.

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