God I wish I didn’t eat that!


God I Wish I Didn’t Eat That!

Have you ever found yourself wishing and saying – ‘God I wish I didn’t eat that?‘  It happens all the time to most people.  The temptation can be just too great and easily get the better of you, and so you gulped it down, only to have the immediate fatigue or anguish afterwards, knowing only too well that you would suffer a little more.  Ah yes, ‘I’ve suffered from ‘my eyes are bigger than my stomach syndrome’ too. I’m happy to say that this doesn’t happen to me much at all these days.  Through adjusting my chemistry and just eating simpler and smaller meals, I’ve found my digestive system is behaving beautifully and I’ve never felt better.  However, in the event that I should stray isn’t it nice to know there’s something I can do about it? Read the rest of this entry

Wild About Wild Orange

orangesComplete Vit CThe first time I smelt Wild Orange, I was walking into the market at Noosa Harbour, pushing a trolley with all my product piled on top.  The aroma was  intoxicating and delightful.  I knew that it was affecting me on a base level, and now that I have learned more about Wild Orange (Doterra), I know why.  There’s something about Wild Orange that affects one on an emotional level, you just can’t be miserable when you are smelling it!  Another part of me was resisting the smell because I knew, I just knew that I would be swept into another world of discovery perhaps even some change and a different perspective.  A corridor in my mind had been re-visited, a door opened, all because of a ‘scent!’  Now what does that mean for you reading this?  Read on….. Read the rest of this entry

Going In!

The Art Of Eating!

You probably haven’t thought of your digestive process as a factory or a business site, however, when you break it down there really is quite a lot of work going on internally, for you, when you make a decision to eat something.

Food is fuel for the body, and food needs to be broken down by the digestive system to be used by the cells.  Cells need the molecule size morsals, known as nutrients for energy, growth and repair.  That’s basically why we need to eat.  But as you will find out a whole lot of other elements come into play……


The first part of your digestive process starts in the brain!  Yes that’s right, you have made a decision to eat something and the process starts in the brain, where in some cases their can be an emotional tug of war going on, depending on your beliefs.  Emotional Molecules are just as real as protein molecules or calcium molecules.  For example.,  your decision to eat bacon and eggs has evolved over time, because you have associated bacon and eggs as a delicious breakfast that fills you up and you may have read somewhere that there is protein in the eggs and bacon, and ‘real men and women’ eat bacon.  Your father ate bacon, your fathers father ate bacon and they were strong and wise, so you are going to eat bacon for the same reason.  There is emotion and memory and connectedness with this food. Read the rest of this entry