Artemisia and Parasites


Artemisia - magnificent cleansing herb

It’s a bonus if you can find a good remedy that has  Artemisia included as an ingredient. The plant known as Artemisia is called  wormwood in the traditional herbal literature.

It really packs a punch when you  are treating Parasites. Speaking of parasites……Unfortunately and only too  often, many symptoms and signs of general poor health are mis-diagnosed.   Intestinal and abdominal disorders can be confused with the symptoms and signs  resulting from parasitic infection.  Indeed many common health problems experienced by people today, tend to have a parasitic basis. Read the rest of this entry

Squirrel Massager

The Squirrel Massager – ‘SM’, is a massaging tool that you can use on yourself without being a qualified massage therapist.  Having said that a lot of professional practitioners use this device in their clinics as an addition to the manual application of using their hands or other devices.

oh what a wonderful health tool the SM is, with the added advantage that you can use it on yourself, without any trouble.  Well, you might want to make sure you have a little bit of room around you, and of course someone can give you a massage using the SM, however, knowing that you can use this device as a self help tool is a real bonus especially if you have been working out in the garden, and finish up feeling a bit sore and sorry.  Such a practical solution to be able to reach for your own device and use it straight away. Read the rest of this entry

The 75% – 25% rule for life

Most of us don’t consider the composition of our food.  I am suggesting that we take responsibility for what we consume and reinforce our chances of a strong resistance to disease and fatigue.

Everyday we must nourish our bodies.  Some of us just eat for the sake of it, some take a little time to include a few pieces of fruit, while others ignore all logic and eat what’s in front of them regardless of its nutritional benefit.

Take time now to learn a few rules that will save your life.  Does that sound too dramatic? Read the rest of this entry