Don’t Get Sick This Winter!

orangesComplete Vit CIt’s just another cold or flu you might say, but why succumb to the next virus, flu or immune issue, when with a few lifestyle shifts you could do something really positive to improve and correct your physical and mental body? Building a strong immune system can actually be heaps of fun, as you will learn in this article.

It’s true, your immune system is under attack every day due to so many factors like; stress, lack of rest and poor diet and these three situations all contribute to reducing the strength of your immune system and weakening your body’s response.  But folks, it’s all about response and you can design that response.

Response is the difference between you getting a cold or flu and fighting it off before it takes hold.  Unfortunately we often don’t think about bolstering our immune response until it’s too late.  Another way of putting that is, when you are driving along in your car and you get a flat tyre, it’s only really a problem if you don’t know how to change the flat tyre.  Anticipate the situation, empower yourself with some clever lifestyle alterations and you will nail the whole cold and flu season with confidence and laughter!!!

Like I said most times we don’t think about immune boosting activity or protecting the body until the cold or flu is right there in our body and we are fighting with whatever immune support we have already got stored up.  There’s a few things we can do every day, starting with Vitamin C.  Vitamin C is a water soluable nutrient, which means we have to get it outside of our bodies, so we can store it up again… It’s a tricky one to balance, and is always used up in stressful situations, as are the B Vitamins – both water soluable.

Here’s some interesting facts to consider..

  • The common cold is the most frequent infectious disease in humans with adults averaging 2-4 infections per year and up to 12 infections per year in children
  • Over 75 millions days of work are missed each year due to the flu
  • The Flu can circulate worldwide, easily spreading from person to person and infecting people in any age group Read the rest of this entry


garlicOkay, when I first wrote this article it was the first day of March, now its the first day of April, and I felt it was worth posting this one again.   It’s not really cold yet here on the Sunshine Coast, but it wont be long until the season changes.  In the lead up to the colder times and winter months there are great benefits to including a little garlic in our food, to help keep the colds and flu’s at bay.  There are some amazing applications and uses for Garlic from being a substitute for penicillin, to cancer prevention;  its use as an aphrodisiac, to being a tonic for old age!

Each clove of Garlic contains around seven calories made up of the following nutrients: Read the rest of this entry

House keeping part two.

Okay, so we have worked it out that the tools for cleaning up our bodies are good food, water and lifestyle!  Then there are the products and supplements on the side that support us during the times we need it.  Supplements like Klenz and B12 Isotonic as mentioned previously.  There are some other wonderful tonics and supplements you can use to bring more certainty to your heath regime.

Read the rest of this entry

Going In!

The Art Of Eating!

You probably haven’t thought of your digestive process as a factory or a business site, however, when you break it down there really is quite a lot of work going on internally, for you, when you make a decision to eat something.

Food is fuel for the body, and food needs to be broken down by the digestive system to be used by the cells.  Cells need the molecule size morsals, known as nutrients for energy, growth and repair.  That’s basically why we need to eat.  But as you will find out a whole lot of other elements come into play……


The first part of your digestive process starts in the brain!  Yes that’s right, you have made a decision to eat something and the process starts in the brain, where in some cases their can be an emotional tug of war going on, depending on your beliefs.  Emotional Molecules are just as real as protein molecules or calcium molecules.  For example.,  your decision to eat bacon and eggs has evolved over time, because you have associated bacon and eggs as a delicious breakfast that fills you up and you may have read somewhere that there is protein in the eggs and bacon, and ‘real men and women’ eat bacon.  Your father ate bacon, your fathers father ate bacon and they were strong and wise, so you are going to eat bacon for the same reason.  There is emotion and memory and connectedness with this food. Read the rest of this entry

Vitality from the Garden

spinach slice

At the time of writing this,  it is Thursday night, outside it is raining hard.  The ground is soggy, the water tanks are over flowing, the silver beet is going black, tomatoes are bursting with moisture, but the Paw Paw trees are sprouting up everywhere, so I think we will get some fruit this time.

We are fortunate there is a healthy crop of cucumbers, cabbage, capsicums, chillies, eggplant and cherry tomatoes growing in our vegetable patch, so we will not starve. Read the rest of this entry