The Power Of The Pause

The Power In The Pause.

Paul and Darryl enjoying Banana Cacao Whip

Paul and Darryl enjoying Banana Cacao Whip

Have you ever given yourself a hard time, because you said something to someone too soon, that maybe you could have avoided saying, which would have meant less pain for all concerned?

Have you ever acted a little too quickly or impulsively which caused you more issues and mistakes?

Have you ever eaten something that was just ‘wrong’, and didn’t agree with you, but you were rushing through a meal and lost your awareness?  (check out my article on 3 Questions to ask yourself before you eat).

I have!  I did all the above things, all because I didn’t pause.  I didn’t stop and just think a little more, instead I rushed in, and, consequently, things didn’t turn out too good. Read the rest of this entry

Hope Beyond Hormones

Hope Beyond Hormones  whatis-a-hormone                                                                            October 2016.

We are literally drowning in a rising tide of oestrogen excess.  The widespread use of agricultural pesticides and herbicides, of hormone-enhanced poultry, beef, pork and seafood, and the relentless accumulation of non-biodegradable synthetic oestrogens from HRT and the pill, have contaminated our worlds water supplies.  No wonder we see fish, belly up at the end of some of beaches!  They are the by-product of pollution.

The corporate driven dissemination of oestrogen excess has caused increasing infertility, created developmental malformations and promoted unprecedented hormone-related growth disorders.

Perhaps you are wondering, is there any good news here, is there any chance that we can turn this around, and bring a sense of calm and joy back to our hormonal health?  I am here to say we can, this is not a doom and gloom article, instead one of positive solutions and hope.  However, I need to bring your attention to a few things first. Read the rest of this entry

God I wish I didn’t eat that!


God I Wish I Didn’t Eat That!

Have you ever found yourself wishing and saying – ‘God I wish I didn’t eat that?‘  It happens all the time to most people.  The temptation can be just too great and easily get the better of you, and so you gulped it down, only to have the immediate fatigue or anguish afterwards, knowing only too well that you would suffer a little more.  Ah yes, ‘I’ve suffered from ‘my eyes are bigger than my stomach syndrome’ too. I’m happy to say that this doesn’t happen to me much at all these days.  Through adjusting my chemistry and just eating simpler and smaller meals, I’ve found my digestive system is behaving beautifully and I’ve never felt better.  However, in the event that I should stray isn’t it nice to know there’s something I can do about it? Read the rest of this entry

Nourishing Shopping!

Lotions and Potions to Keep you Well!

There’s a wonderful, exceptional little shop in Tewantin Village, ( just 10 minutes out of Noosa for all the interstate readers).  Any way, this shop is well worth the look, as it has such a wide variety of health product and just a little mystery!  Roxanne and her daughter Sam are mostly there to serve you and have the brightest and most cheerful smiles to greet you.  I have some of my books available at the little shop, (In The Raw, Lose Weight While You Sleep and What A Lot Of Waffle), but there are other books on sale as well as mine, not to mention the lovely natural clothing range and assorted crystals and oils.   Oh, and they have a very good gluten free range of ingredients and whole foods… Read the rest of this entry