The stomach

Okay, so where were we?  Oh yes, we were on the journey from mouth to anus, and I was just getting to the good bits.  The Esophagus is the express way down to the stomach, and after all the action has happened in the mouth, and provided the teeth have done their job and enzymes have kicked in, you have food being squeezed down the esophagus, like tooth paste being squeezed out of the tube.  There is a whole lot of muscular activity going on, and the bolus (food particles) are being directed down to the stomach where things are heating up. Read the rest of this entry

What You Hear In The Hairdressers!


The Poo In You book

When did information about ‘Poo’ become so popular?  Probably when people began to finally link digestive health with longevity, energy and beauty.  Each day, we have an opportunity to eat for maximum nutrition, each day we have the opportunity to make the right decisions on what to eat and how to move our bodies, and each day we have the same opportunities for sabotage.  Each day we have to eliminate, and hopefully eliminate at least one poo, when several times a day would be much better.  What to do? Read the rest of this entry

Stress and the GI tract

close the lid on the loo!!

The effect of stress on the GI tract is widely known.  But is it understood?  What has only recently been discovered, however, is that this stress-induced abdominal cramping and urge to defecate is caused not solely by the reain’s messaging, but by the intestines’ release of hormones and neurotransmitters.  The ‘enteric nervous system’ is a complex array of nerve fibers that is remarkably independent in its ability to regulate the digestive system. Read the rest of this entry

Colonics For Vitality


Sharon Pearl

Sharon preparing Colonic area

During the last few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity, or should I say I’ve made the opportunity to clean out my body, and give myself a well needed boost of vitality and energy.  First I went down to Melbourne to catch up with family, which was very important to me, especially as my mother is now in aged care and my father lives nearby, alone!  I like to keep an eye on them both, and prepare fresh, vegetarian meals for dad with lots of salad and variety.  He loves that I make something special out of virtually nothing and I love to make something special for him that I know will nourish him.  I’m sure each time I visit a little of my healthy ways rub off on him. Read the rest of this entry