garlicOkay, when I first wrote this article it was the first day of March, now its the first day of April, and I felt it was worth posting this one again.   It’s not really cold yet here on the Sunshine Coast, but it wont be long until the season changes.  In the lead up to the colder times and winter months there are great benefits to including a little garlic in our food, to help keep the colds and flu’s at bay.  There are some amazing applications and uses for Garlic from being a substitute for penicillin, to cancer prevention;  its use as an aphrodisiac, to being a tonic for old age!

Each clove of Garlic contains around seven calories made up of the following nutrients: Read the rest of this entry

Love Your Liver!

You have to love your liver, it works so hard for you.  Our livers are amazing.  Gosh without them we could not digest food, absorb nutrients or dispose of toxic substances from our bodies.  So protecting it does much to contribute to our overall health and wellbeing.
As the liver is the major organ for processing nutrients, metabolites, pollutants and excess hormones, it is essentially a ‘waste disposal’ unit for our bodies, all aspects of our health rely on the proper functioning of our liver.
The liver cleans the body’s blood supply of toxic substances by chemically processing them so they can be excreted from our systems.  It is also responsible for carbohydrate and protein metabolism as well as the blood lipo porteins (LDL and HDL) which regulate cholesterol, plus clotting factors and other substances crucial to proper blood functions.   Do you want to know how to love it?   Read the rest of this entry

Using Nuts For Nutrition

You may think you know all there is to know about nuts, but did you know that a nut is a fruit with one seed that doesn’t open on maturity.  It includes chestnuts and hazelnuts but not walnuts, peanuts, cashews, macadamias, pine nuts, brazil nuts, almonds and a range of others.

Nuts are just so cool.  They are  a very good source of protein.  For this reason alone, they make a perfect snack Read the rest of this entry