garlicOkay, when I first wrote this article it was the first day of March, now its the first day of April, and I felt it was worth posting this one again.   It’s not really cold yet here on the Sunshine Coast, but it wont be long until the season changes.  In the lead up to the colder times and winter months there are great benefits to including a little garlic in our food, to help keep the colds and flu’s at bay.  There are some amazing applications and uses for Garlic from being a substitute for penicillin, to cancer prevention;  its use as an aphrodisiac, to being a tonic for old age!

Each clove of Garlic contains around seven calories made up of the following nutrients: Read the rest of this entry

Awareness and Eating


In the last few years I have been speaking publicly and directly to people about their state of mind when they are eating!  I have created a talk entitled ‘The Body Factory’, where I take the owner of their body/factory into the inner workings of their marvellous machine and introduce them to the employees of the body.  I’d like to share a little of that talk with you here.  Read the rest of this entry

A RAW Christmas…

Cashew Cream Cheesecake
Cashew Cream Cheesecake

Would you like to make this Christmas really special, different and healthy?  How about some new wonderful ideas for your Christmas table that not only looks and tastes good, but is very nutritious and healthy.  Okay, I’ve decided to do a Raw Food Workshop – just for Christmas.  The format for the day will be, light, simple and appetising.

Christmas is very complex, very corrupt in many ways.  The traditional food is so heavy and so unhealthy.  We have become set in our ways, and pulled towards heavy, lifeless, empty calories, which give nothing back and cause enormous stress in our digestive systems long after the big weekend or event has passed.
How would you like to feel fantastic after eating Christmas Lunch?  How would you like to have enough energy to enjoy your time with family and friends, and not have that feeling of ‘Oh God, I wish I didn’t eat that much!’?  It’s possible you could be enjoying a very different style of food and really enjoy it.  It’s possible that this Christmas you could actually look your best, feel fantastic and not put on weight!   Read the rest of this entry