Treating The Second Brain

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Digestion and The Second Brain!

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FATS & OILS – EFA Seed cake…

Essential fatty acids are vital for mental health and they help every aspect of the bodies ability to function.  Fats and oils – there is so much confusion about fats, over the last few years; new research has revealed the crucial role that fats in your diet play in your susceptibility to disease.  The metabolism of fats and oils is a complex area and studies have generated misinformation and controversy.  For years we were advised to eat margarine rather than butter and now it seems that margarine may be linked to cancer because of the types of fat that it contains. Read the rest of this entry

What You Hear In The Hairdressers!


The Poo In You book

When did information about ‘Poo’ become so popular?  Probably when people began to finally link digestive health with longevity, energy and beauty.  Each day, we have an opportunity to eat for maximum nutrition, each day we have the opportunity to make the right decisions on what to eat and how to move our bodies, and each day we have the same opportunities for sabotage.  Each day we have to eliminate, and hopefully eliminate at least one poo, when several times a day would be much better.  What to do? Read the rest of this entry

Digestion and Elimination…The whole story


stomach and food process

Stomach and food process

The process of assimilation is fascinating, and yet still so many of us don’t fully understand it.  Perhaps because we are too busy just getting through each day. 
Taking time to understand the digestive system, is valuable time, that when understood may add extra ‘healthy’ years to your life…..

Food is fuel for your body.  Food needs to be broken down by the digestive system to be used by cells.  Cells need the molecule size morsels, known as nutrients for energy growth and repair.

Even before your first bite of food enters the mouth, your digestive system springs into action – the sight, smell or thought starts the saliva action in the mouth. Your body makes more than a litre and a half of saliva a day. Think about that for a moment, that’s a lot of liquid.  Chemical rich saliva mixes with the tongue which is mastication or chewing. Food goes down the oesophagus which is like a stretchy  tube.  The food goes down much like toothpaste is squeezed from the tube.  Bit by bit the oesophagus allows food into your stomach – then the acid rain – a brutal condition in the stomach – hydrochloric acid.  This harsh liquid can break down other substances.  A Thick layer of mucus lines the walls of the stomach to protect the wall.  If that mucus wasn’t there, the hydrochloric acid would eat through the  stomach. Read the rest of this entry

Artemisia and Parasites


Artemisia - magnificent cleansing herb

It’s a bonus if you can find a good remedy that has  Artemisia included as an ingredient. The plant known as Artemisia is called  wormwood in the traditional herbal literature.

It really packs a punch when you  are treating Parasites. Speaking of parasites……Unfortunately and only too  often, many symptoms and signs of general poor health are mis-diagnosed.   Intestinal and abdominal disorders can be confused with the symptoms and signs  resulting from parasitic infection.  Indeed many common health problems experienced by people today, tend to have a parasitic basis. Read the rest of this entry

Enemas for Instant Relief!

Doing an enema for relief
Enemas for Instant Relief.

Ah yes, the possibilities of enemas.  I think I can almost feel you squirming through the invisible waves coming off my computer.  Don’t worry I wont get too detailed, but perhaps just enough for you to understand the many benefits of doing enemas, and how easy it can be to carry out and why you should consider enemas for health and vitality.

Over Christmas I got a bit of a sniffle.  I couldn’t shake it, perhaps my own immune system was a little vulnerable and down, as the grasses around our property seemed to set me off on a sneezing fit.  Then I actually got a kind of cold.  Confined only to the head area.  After filling about 4 large handkerchiefs with a runny nose, I decided to give myself an enema, with the result of instant relief.

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