Waffle Bread

Gluten Free Alternatives to bread!

Well they said it wouldn’t happen, but it has!  Waffle bread is on a come back.. People everywhere are asking for decent ‘waffle bread’ recipes… I’m really excited about this, because I have some!  Yep, I’ve got a few crackers that can be whipped up in no time, provided you have some basic ingredients available.  For starters, some cooked brown or white rice, so gluten free Self Raising flour or plain flour, some herbs and spices, some chopped vegetables, or grated vegetables.  Seasoning like herbal salts, curry powder, Cayenne pepper, chia seeds, sesame seeds and ground almond.  Oh the list goes on, however at the end of the day the best combination is the simplest one.  Less is more!

Waffle bread is so simple, and so practical to include in your weekly menu.  I wrote ‘What A Lot Of Waffle’ because I wanted to find a home for a compilation of Gluten free waffle bread recipes that I had collected.  I told myself that I would have the book together in no time, but it took longer than I expected.  Life gets in the way sometimes.  Hey the book is available now, and what a wonderful gift it would make for someone for Christmas or any time for that matter. Read the rest of this entry

Creating healthy lunches!

So it’s time for lunch, and what are you going to have today?

Most peopole usually make decisions on what to make, by what’s left in the refridgerator.   Is that good enough?  Yes and No!  Lunch is often rushed or over looked when really ‘Lunch time’ gives us an opportunity to have the most beneficial meal of the day.  Especially if we make the time to sit down and digest a delicious meal.  All it takes is a little organisation… Read the rest of this entry

Lessons in Live Food

Fruit and Passion

Eating live food doesn’t mean that you will sacrifice all those great foods that you have become accustomed to.  A taste for fresh and delicious fruits, vegetables, cereals and nuts is readily acquired, and a cleaner taste soon discovers a delicacy and sweetness in the raw foods that the highly salted, flavoured and cooked  foods never had.

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